2 Liter Sansone Italian 18/10 Stainless Steel Fusti

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So you say you're an extra virgin olive oil fan? And you go through gallons of it in a few months? Then this is the next best kitchen comrade for you!

This Sansone Italian 18/10 Stainless Steel Fusti with a spigot design holds 2 whole liters of olive oil or balsamic. This is the sure way to get your daily dose of liquid gold (olive oil) or brown luster (balsamic goodness) and best way to keep it fresh. It's what we use to store products in our shop. A display of outstanding European craftsmanship reflecting their outstanding attention to detail, NSF Certified and a very beautiful, classy addition to your kitchen or another olive oil/balsamic lover in your life.

Dimensions: Diameter 6 3/4" x Height 5 1/2" -- with base: 9.75". Comes with a plastic stand.