Black Garlic & Ginger Infused Olive Oil + Red Apple Dark Balsamic + Thai Spice Bundle

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This bundle is meant to reach the umami, sweet and spicy parts of your pallet. An amazement of culinary creativity awaits you when you add these unique and complimentary flavors to your kitchen.

Black Garlic & Ginger Infused Olive Oil: Umami, mild sweetness of black garlic combines with the spicy, earthiness of ginger to create this delicious infused olive oil. Earthy, savory and sweet, it makes an amazing marinade, dressing and finisher for chicken and fish fresh off the grill. It also makes a super tasty stir-fries and sauces.  

Red Apple Dark Balsamic Vinegar: An enticing aroma and a delicate, sweet apple flavor, this balsamic is fruitier than most balsamic vinegars. It's a wonderful way of adding aroma and taste to complement any dish and adds a refreshing lift to salads, sauces, chutney and vegetables. As with all of our balsamic, it's aged in wooden barrels using the traditional Solera Method and is PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) certified to come from Modena, Italy. 

Thai Spice Seasoning: Spicy hot with a fresh lime contrast, Thai Spice is often used in coconut milk curries for developing an authentic Thai taste. It can also be used to spice up grilled, sautéed or roasted veggies and pork, chicken and shrimp dishes.

Note: This bundle will arrive in regular packing materials to make sure they end up at their new home nice and safe. They will come securely packaged with nice tissue paper and a notecard, to dress it up.