Olive Oil Skincare Handmade Rose Geranium Soap 100g

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This all natural soap, made by Olive Oil Skin Care Company, is infused with aromatic Rose Geranium essential oil and is ideal for enhancing skin complexion. Rich in nutrients to promote a healthy skin tone, it leaves the skin feeling radiant and hydrated. 

What makes this better than other soap? Perhaps it's what IS NOT used in it, which includes: sodium lauryl sulphate, parabens, palm oil or any artificial ingredients - all stuff that isn't natural and isn't supposed to go on your skin. What is used, is oil extract and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, or EVOO as we call it, which is naturally rich in vitamin A, vitamin E, zinc, iron, calcium, squalene and polyphenols, making it delicious for the outside of your body.

All of this good stuff helps your skin retain moisture, improves elasticity and assists in the anti-aging process. Plus, it comes in a cute little package! 


Massage onto wet skin until a creamy low lather form, and rinse clean. leaves the skin feeling cleansed and fresh.

Key Ingredients 

Olive Oil, Rose Geranium Leaf Oil