Recipe Inspiration for Wild Weather

Recipe Inspiration for Wild Weather

Recipe Inspiration for Wild Weather

Moving into late winter and early spring, Colorado weather is notoriously volatile. The idea of “if you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes” really is true. Colorado may be famous for its 300+ days of sunshine, but sunshine doesn’t always mean warm, and it doesn’t always mean it stays sunny all day.

This year has felt especially unpredictable. We’ve had multiple school snow days, followed by warm weekend days so sunny and nice you could run in short sleeves and lounge on a brewery patio. And we have days that go from brisk and sunny to windy and miserable within an hour. It’s been… a lot… and I’m really looking forward to some more stable, warmer weather in later in spring and summer.

All this wonky weather makes planning meals a challenge. My cravings are often tied to the weather. When it’s cloudy and drizzly, I like to curl up with a warm drink or a hot, comforting bowl of stew. When it’s hot and sunny, I want lighter fare and refreshing drinks.

To ensure I can always create meals that match my cravings and the ever-changing weather, I keep versatile ingredients on hand, ingredients that can be transformed into something cozy as well as something fresh and light. Our products, especially our flavored oils and vinegars, and our new line of spices and seasonings makes these transformations even easier. A drizzle of Cranberry Pear White Balsamic instantly makes a salad dressing summery, while a sprinkle of Black Truffle Salt and Wild Mushroom and Sage Olive Oil adds earthiness. Below are a few of my go to recipes for both cold wintery days and warmer ones –


Cinnamon Pear Spiked Apple Cider – a warming drink to sip while reading a book under a cozy blanket.

White Raspberry Mojito – summer in a glass. Perfect for indulging in as the weather warms.

Roasted Carrot Green Chili Soup – try this soup after a day spent skiing, it will warm you from the inside out.

Buttery Serrano Honey Glazed Shrimp – seafood always makes me think of hot, summer afternoons and sunshine. Even on the coldest day, this recipe brings summertime vibes.

Vanilla Balsamic Pears – Ok, this dessert is amazing in every kind of weather. If you are wanting something more comforting and cozy, top the warm pears with fresh cinnamon mascarpone. Or slice the pears and enjoy on top vanilla ice cream for a cooling treat.