Beyond Bread Dipping

Beyond Bread Dipping

Beyond Bread Dipping

It happens at least once a day.

Someone walks into our shop, and as we give them a tour, their eyes get big and their mouth drops open as we gesture to shelves filled with hundreds of bottles of vinegars and oils.

“Wow!” they say, “I never knew there were so many types of oils and vinegars!”. Then, they spend the next 30 minutes (at least), trying dozens of products and combos.

Being introduced to our products means being thrown into a new world of flavors. Even the idea that olive oils have varietals like wine comes as a shock to most, let alone diving into the world of fused and infused oils, and flavored balsamics aged for many years.

And although customers get it excited to explore this new world, sometimes when it comes time to buy, they hesitate.

“I don’t eat much salad,” they say, or “I wouldn’t be able to use much for bread”.

But there is so much more you can do with our oils and vinegars than just for bread dipping and dressing salads (although we love that too!).

Our products are extremely versatile and can be used in endless ways – salads, marinades, baking, cocktails, pickling and more. I love nothing more than just grabbing a few random products of the shelves then heading home to the kitchen to come up with new recipes. It’s like my own mini version of Chopped or Iron Chef.

Below are some of our favorite ways to use our olive oils and vinegars, both the expected and more unusual.


          We all know oils and vinegars are key ingredients in marinades. But by using our flavored oils and vinegars you can be endlessly creative with new combos. Here are some of our favorites.


          In addition to our aged balsamic vinegars, we also have a number of more acidic vinegars that are excellent for pickling! It’s easy to make your own pickled veggies, totally worth a try!


          Transform your popcorn with a hefty drizzle of one of our flavored olive oils and a bit of balsamic. Go spicy with one of our chili-based oils, savory with our herby oils or even sweet with some Cinnamon Pear or Chocolate Balsamic (oh yes, dessert popcorn is a thing). We also carry a line of popcorn seasonings to amp up the flavor even more.


          Balsamics, especially light, tart white balsamic vinegars, make excellent additions to lemonades and cocktails. They are an easy way to add instant flavor without having to resort to sickly sweet syrups. Learn more about using balsamics in drinks.


Olive oil has long been renowned for its skin and hair benefits. This easy recipe for a salt scrub featuring our citrusy Blood Orange Olive Oil exfoliates and moisturizes while leaving behind a fresh scent >>> Blood Orange Rose Salt Scrub

So next time you reach for one of our bottles think beyond just salad and bread. The possibilities are endless!