The Delightful World of Dressings

The Delightful World of Dressings

The Delightful World of Dressings

 Although there are hundreds of ways to use our vinegars, oils and spices, dressing and vinaigrettes are how many customers first fall in love with our products. And who can blame them? Dozens of flavored oils and vinegars means thousands of possible tasty combos to create. No more falling into the trap of “Boring Salad” ever again.

On days I’m feeling lazy, I’ll just grab a white balsamic that looks tasty and drizzle that over some fresh greens (Sicilian Lemon is especially yummy). Add a sprinkle of salt and pepper and boom, you have the perfect side salad.

The more “traditional” vinaigrette combines a vinegar with an oil - a fat and an acid - that are emulsified together to form a homogenous dressing that is greater than the sum of its parts (think Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat).

If you look at many classic cookbooks from the 1900s, including Julia Child’s, you’ll see that the suggested ratio for perfect vinaigrettes is 3-4 parts olive oil to one part vinegar. I’m sorry Julia, I love you, but that is too much oil!!!

At our shops, we lean more toward 2 parts oil to one part vinegar or even a 1:1 ratio. This creates perfect balance of the fat and acid. Not too sweet, not too savory, but just right. It allows our products to shine without drowning each other out.

Of course, everyone has their own taste and I promise you, no dressing police will come to the door if you get a little crazy with your proportions or ingredients. And not only does making your own dressings mean you can personalize them to your liking, but you can also skip out on the additives and extra sugar common in dressings from the grocery store. So, grab some products, get in the kitchen and have some fun!

Below are some of our favorite dressing recipes, including our own version of Julia Child’s hallmark vinaigrette! Can’t decide which to try? Pick up a collection of our 60 ml bottles and have a vinaigrette making adventure!