Fort Collins Foodie Walk 10th Anniversary

Fort Collins Foodie Walk 10th Anniversary

Fort Collins Foodie Walk 10th Anniversary


Once upon a time, a group of downtown Fort Collins food retailers that sell unique, high-quality ingredients formed an event called Foodie Walk.

10 years later, Foodie walk is an official Fort Collins event and key feature of the month, celebrating local culinary culture. Every 3rd Friday of the month from 5 – 8 p.m., people flock to Old Town to sample dishes at a variety of different businesses, all featuring ingredients they sell.

The word foodie often gets a bad rap. A lot of people think to be considered a "foodie" you have to have a super refined palate. You must enjoy raw meats…esoteric sauces…and fancy French cuisine.    


As much as I love French cuisine, being a foodie doesn't have to mean loving fancy foods and having an “evolved” palate. It really just means having an appreciation for the consumption, preparation and study of food. If you're a Fort Collins local, the Foodie Walk offers a way for you to explore and enjoy the flavorful world of food and drink.

This month, Foodie Walk turns 10! Join us, along with these local businesses to celebrate:

  • Blanchard Family Wines
  • Coppermuse Distillery
  • The Cupboard
  • Ace Hardware
  • Happy Lucky’s Teahouse
  • Savory Spice
  • The Cooking Studio
  • Old Town Spice Shop
  • Ku Cha House of Tea

For the event, we’ll be serving up a Garlic Herb Potato Salad that showcases one of our best-selling products – Garlic Infused Olive Oil – as well as our light Champagne Vinegar and zesty Colorado Garlic Pepper.

Skipping the mayo, our recipe allows you to taste all the ingredients and savor the fresh herbs used in it. It also is vegan and very plant-forward! These potatoes are the perfect side for whatever main dish you have cooking up in your kitchen or on your grill. While potato salads are often eaten in the summer, potatoes are usually harvested toward late summer/fall, so this dish deliciously boasts flavors of fall. Potato salad should be enjoyed all year!

Get a sneak peek at our recipe here.

See you at Foodie Walk! Ciao!