Halloween Boos and Brews

Halloween Boos and Brews

Halloween Boos and Brews

Halloween is an extra bright spot in my favorite season. I love the creative costumes, the wild décor and of course… the food. I love that Halloween is a chance for people to let their freak flags fly!

My family has some specific rituals we do each Halloween season. They help get us in the spooky, autumnal mindset. We always go to a local spot called Bartels Farm, where the kids pick out pumpkins, go on hayrides, explore corn mazes and watch an insane mechanical pumpkin chucker throw all the rotten pumpkins in the files to plant seeds for next year’s crop (seriously, it’s wild, google pumpkin chucking!).

When it comes time to carve the pumpkins, we always invite a few friends over and munch on pizza while we get to work. Our house is filled with pumpkin guts, pizza and laughter, and we always make quick work of removing and rinsing all the pumpkin seeds, which we save to roast with our oils and vinegars.  

We also always have a frozen pizza pumpkin carving night that we invite a few friends to. Our house is filled with pumpkin guts, pizza and laughter and always make quick work of rinsing all the seeds to later roast with our oils and vinegars. Check out one of my favorite pumpkin seed recipes ever here.

And no pumpkin carving party would be complete at our house without some delicious cocktails and mocktails. They take our Halloween celebration to the next level. Below are a few of our favorites:  


Maple Pumpkin Martini

I love a good pumpkin pie and adore the smell too. It’s just so…fall. So why not create a pie that can also function as a night cap? Creamy, cozy and absolutely tastes like pie, this drink has actual pumpkin in it, so you know you’re eating…errr…drinking?...the real deal. If you really want to make this extra, you can coat the glass rim with our Spiced Chai Sugar. Then you get a hint of extra sweet and crunch with each sip. You also put a little whip cream on the top, if you so choose. Maple Pumpkin Martini 


Sicilian Lemon Balsamic Bloody

Calling all vampires! If you are looking for a devilish drink with some extra bite, this bloody mary is for you. The classic bloody mary flavors are amped up with the addition of tart Sicilian Lemon White Balsamic Vinegar. If you are a fan of extra heat, add in some extra hot sauce. This recipe is designed for a crowd, making it perfect for Halloween gatherings. Sicilian Lemon Balsamic Bloody


Cinnamon Pear Spiked Apple Cider 

Apples and cinnamon are classic fall flavors, so why not put them into an autumnal cocktail? Fruity and sweet with a bit of spice – this cinnamon pear spiked apple cider is best enjoyed with friends, full moons and bonfires. You could easily serve this hot or cold depending on the weather. Cinnamon Pear Spiked Apple Cider Recipe


Boo Crew Punch

This one is designed for the kids, and the kids at heart. It's a choose your own adventure kinda drink. The blood red cauldron bubbles and boils, releasing eerie looking smoke all over the room, just like you would imagine a witch's cauldron doing. On its own, it's a fun little fruity punch for kids, but it can easily be turned into some adult fun by adding rum. So much fun for everyone and definitely the most impressive looking! Boo Crew Punch Recipe


Happy Halloween!