Mother Nature Knows All

Mother Nature Knows All

Mother Nature Knows All

It's Earth Day! While we like to think of ourselves as more of the "celebrate Earth Day everyday" types, we do love a good reason to bring attention to the planet and the many things we can do as humans living in this beautiful world, to help keep our home and its inhabitants at its optimal operating beauty. 

One of the biggest ways we can make a difference as an oil and vinegar importer, is to make sure the places we source our products from are clean and care about reducing negative impacts on the planet in their growth, production, trade and people practices. Making sure the supply chain of our products is fostering planetary health and not hinderance is important. One way we like to think about it is something that I learned in my years working at New Belgium Brewing, People---Planet---Profits. This is a great phrase to keep in mind while owning and operating any type of responsible business. 

One of the main things we do to help what we bring to your dinner table is the uniqueness of the product itself. Our olive oil is real, 100% extra virgin olive oil and is never cut with other oils. It is all organic, gluten-free and vegan and it's made from olives that are  a sourced from various countries in the world and they're picked in peak ripeness and milled quickly after being picked. This locks in freshness and taste, but there is so much more than that. It also ensures that all the goodness and health benefits of the olive oil are making their way to your body. When olives are picked at the right time and milled very soon after, they better retain their antioxidants, vitamins and phenolic compounds, making them a higher proposition value for your health. 

We are also very picky about our vinegars, particularly our balsamics. To be considered a true balsamic condimento, vinegar has to be made with a certain percentage of grape must (which is when leaves and stems are all thrown in with the grapes to make a thick paste). Balsamic vinegar also has to be aged in wood barrels using the traditional Solera Method and is PGI (Protected Geographical Indication). Lastly, to be considered a true balsamic, the vinegar has come from Modena, Italy. And, well folks, all of our balsamics pass the test. Not only that, but like our extra virgin olive oils, all of our vinegars are organic, gluten-free and vegan. They are also 100% delicious. 

We know you have lots of choices when it comes to your kitchen staples. We're grateful you include us in there!