Graduation: A Season of Celebration

Graduation: A Season of Celebration

Graduation: A Season of Celebration

Graduation is more than just a single event or weekend in Fort Collins. It’s a season.

Being a college town, we not only have high school graduations, but Colorado State University graduation, which brings in family and friends from around the world. Throughout May, the energy is palpable… the town is buzzing.

We have our own special graduation this year. Our 18-year-old Kolby is graduating from high school, and will be heading off to Mizzou in the fall.

As Kolby wraps up his senior year, there have been a flurry of end of high school events to attend – banquets, awards ceremonies, parties – and of course we have to do all the planning for hosting family and friends at the graduation ceremony and graduation party. There’s been so much to do, it’s difficult for us to actually step back from the chaos enough to appreciate the importance of this time for Kolby and our family.

The graduation party has been especially daunting.

Our family loves to entertain. Gathering together with family and friends over good food is our passion. That passion is embodied in our store. A key part of our mission is to share quality products so everyone can enjoy wholesome food and the company of good friends.

But when you own a food-related business, there is an extra amount of pressure when it comes to entertaining. People expect more.

“Oh what are you making?” my friends will say if I invite them for dinner, or “What are you bringing? I’m sure it will be amazing,” every time there is a picnic or potluck. I never feel like I can get away with serving cookies from the grocery store or a simple fruit bowl. People expect something innovative, amazing and perfectly delicious because I work with food. How meet these high expectations?

Faced with pulling together a grad party for Kolby brings this pressure to the extreme.

For his party, I’m taking the approach of serving food that is SIMPLE, SNACKABLE and CROWD-PLEASING.

SIMPLE: I want to actually spend time with my graduate at his graduation party. By focusing on serving food that is simple and can be prepped ahead of time, it will be easier on me and the family to have time during the party to actually celebrate.

SNACKABLE: Having a variety of snackable items means that everyone can indulge in what they want to eat, and saves us from having to plan a full-blown meal. 

CROWD-PLEASING: Fan favorites are fan favorites for a reason. By serving foods people love, I make it more fun for everyone. Serving popular items that can be customized to everyone’s taste is also a great strategy to make food memorable.  

To all the grads out there, congratulations on your accomplishments. Wherever you go, go with all your heart.