Palisade Peaches are Poppin'

Palisade Peaches are Poppin'

Palisade Peaches are Poppin'

One of the best parts of summer in Colorado is the fresh produce.

We have flavorful cantaloupe from Rocky Ford, juicy sweet corn from Olathe and, my favorite Palisade Peaches. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, these peaches are grown on the western slope of the state and are sweet, juicy and extremely flavorful. The absolute best I’ve ever tasted. Yes, even better than peaches from Georgia. The make the perfect treat on a hot, sunny afternoon.

My family and I can easily get through a pallet of peaches just by snacking on them. But they are also extremely versatile in recipes.

Peaches are of course amazing for pies, cobblers and other baked goods, but I also love them grilled on top of ice cream. When grilled they get an extra boost of sweetness and rich caramel flavor. Check out the full recipe here.

They are also delicious in drinks, like Sangria or a Whisky Smash. Shaun loves creating cocktails, always finding clever ways to showcase in-season ingredients.

I’ve also been experimenting adding fresh peaches to savory dishes like Peach Chutney, Flatbread and in salads.

But what about when peaches aren’t in season? What do you do when you are craving a fresh, juicy peach but can’t get ahold of one?

That’s when Peach White Balsamic Vinegar saves the day. Made with barrel aged white balsamic vinegar and naturally flavored with peach, this condimento tastes like summer harvest in a bottle.

Drizzle over fresh greens for a super simple dressing or combine with a spicy olive oil for a stellar chicken marinade. You can also add it to sparking water for a refreshing thirst quencher or as an ingredient in homemade shrubs and cocktails. The possibilities are endless!

And now, I think I'll go grab another peach.