Koroneiki Medium Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Portugal)


This is our first ever Portuguese Koreneiki. We've been digging into some pretty robust Portuguese varietals, so why not add a more medium one to the mix? This small batch varietal has a creamy mouthfeel with berry notes and pepperiness. It won't be around long, so eat it up! 

Crush Date: October 2023

  • *Polyphenols: 469.21 ppm
  • Oleic Acid: 76.34
  • DAGs: 95.9
  • Squalene: 6,577.0
  • FFA: 0.14
  • Peroxide: 2.72
  • *PPP: 1.1
  • A-Tocopherols: 303.0 

*As measured at the time of crush.

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment:

Fruitiness: 5.1
Bitterness: 5.1
Pungency: 5.0