To All The Dads

To All The Dads

To All The Dads

Father’s Day used to seem like a bit of an afterthought, overshadowed by Mother’s Day in May. Don’t get me wrong, we love you too moms - but often dads get forgotten about. Luckily, more and more, Father’s Day and dads are getting the love and recognition they deserve.  

Families take many different shapes. Some people may not have only one, but two dads, some may not have a biological dad, but a chosen father figure. And whoever the dad or dads are in your life, you should take time to celebrate them

I wasn’t raised with my dad, but I did see him regularly growing up. My dad is a sophisticated, artistic type. His favorite topics of conversation are Georgia O’Keeffe, the greatest pianists of all time and summer days in old Tuscany. We can talk for hours about wide-ranging topics.

Shaun has memories of his dad being the strong ex-cop type who would eat anything and everything – including pigs feet, head cheese and Rocky Mountain Oysters. There isn’t a bone he hasn’t picked or a crumb that goes uneaten. And he was hilarious.

Whether the dad or father-figure in your life is the soft, sensitive teddy bear type, or a burly seldom-cry tough guy, all dads can appreciate good food. And good food goes hand and hand with good cooking.

This Father’s Day, serve your dad something delicious! Celebrate with breakfast for dinner by making Mandarin Orange Olive Oil Pancakes or and Asparagus Ham Gruyere Frittata. If he has a sweet tooth, whip up some decadent Dark Chocolate S’mores Bars.

If your dad is the chef in the family, gift him some extra special ingredients for his next feast. Black Truffle Sea Salt is perfect for grilling, and our Seasonal Pairing of Milanese Gremolata Olive Oil and Raspberry Balsamic makes a delightful vinaigrette for summer salads. Want to really impress? Sign him up for the EVOO Club!

To all the dads out there, we love you!