The Perfect Summer Cocktail

The Perfect Summer Cocktail

The Perfect Summer Cocktail

For me, one of the best parts of summer is sitting on a patio with friends and family, eating delicious food and drinking tasty cocktails.

 Good mixed drinks can really take a hot, sweaty day (looking at you August) and turn it into a refreshing afternoon spent outdoors.

 Craft cocktails can get really fancy these days! Fort Collins has a variety of cool cocktail bars and speakeasies. Social, one of our go-to spots, has a huge variety of creative drinks using almost every ingredient you can think of. Swanky G&Ts, vodka sours with lavender, whiskey drinks with vanilla and pink pepper… they even have hand-crafted dessert martinis!

For me, the best summer cocktail recipes are refreshing, colorful and strong. I want them to taste good and I want them to give me a nice buzz without having to drink too many. But cocktail preference is definitely individual. During the summer, a lot of people tend to go with light and fruity drinks. Others like them super sweet and dessert-like. And then there are those that prefer their summer cocktails to be strong, simple and understated. Luckily, with all the alcohols, ingredients and inspiration out there, the possibilities are endless.

Experimenting with balsamic in drinks has been one of Shaun's favorite things to do on summer weekends and vacations. His epicurean side definitely comes in the form of cocktail-making. Nearly every time he goes out to pick up bourbon or gin, he comes back with some sort of esoteric, exotic liquor. We have had everything from peanut butter whisky to yuzu infused vodka in our house! And with every unique liquor he brings home, balsamics are there to add very unique touches to his concoctions. 

With that said, here are some of our favorite cocktails using different balsamics. Simple and flavorful, give them a try next time you want to relax outside with a delicious drink.