Plant-Based Bliss

Plant-Based Bliss

Plant-Based Bliss

When I was 16, I decided to become vegetarian. It was for ethical reasons, but I didn't do it right. I ate bunches of protein bars and almost all processed food. As an athlete, it killed my metabolism and by the time I was 23, I had been sick a bunch and just couldn't sustain things. So I started eating meat again.

The next decade was an exploration about what food and nourishment suits my body best. I was diagnosed Celiac which was especially interesting to navigate because I worked at a brewery for 13 years. All the beer in the world at my fingertips…and I couldn’t have any of it.

While my vegetarian days are over, fruits and vegetables are still a big part of my life. I love the current trend of plant-based eating – or as I prefer to call it – plant-forward or plant-rich eating.

Our family has certainly been influenced to eat more plants from people like @plantifulkiki and @highcarbhannah. We don't follow their specific diets of being vegan or high carb or low fat, but we love the creative way they incorporate plants into their meals. We’ve been inspired to abide by the 50/50 rule, where 50% of each plate we eat is vegetables. These ladies also go the distance by reinventing traditional foods with more plant-forward goodness.

@plantifulkiki (Kiki), is a Colorado mom who completely transformed her health and lifestyle through a plant based diet, losing more than 70 pounds. Now she supports and inspires others on their plant-based, vegan journeys.  Her commitment to simple, healthful, plant-forward recipes aligns with what we are trying to accomplish with our products.

Kiki loves to use our all natural, vegan, minimally processed balsamic vinegars in her meal prep. Check out some of her go to recipes with balsamics:   

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