Garlic Truffle Air Fryer Fries

Garlic Truffle Air Fryer Fries

Garlic Truffle Air Fryer Fries

Despite that French Fries are technically French, what’s more classically American than delicious, crunchy, salty French Fries? And we are lovin’ them basted with our Garlic Infused Olive Oil, cooked in the Air Fryer and sprinkled with our Black Truffle Sea Salt. Less is more sometimes and this recipe is less mess, less calories but so. Much. TASTE! 

Here's our delicious recipe for these beauties:





Place cut potatoes in Air Fryer basket so that they aren't touching one another. You will likely fill about 5 or 6 basket worth. 

Brush potatoes with Garlic Infused Olive Oil. 

Cook in Air Fryer at 375 degrees for 15 - 20 minutes depending on crispiness preference.

Dump cooked fries in a bowl and while they're still hot, use tongs to toss the fries while sprinkling Black Truffle Sea Salt on them.

Serve hot and devour!